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SAMMY's Level One is...(11.9.21)

watch movies about family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
laugh everyday 😅😅
chicken wings in every city 🐔✈️
sing everything annette-style 🎶
❌no weed❌
do not lose at games 🎱🃏🎲
❌do not play games with people❌
walk everywhere you can 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
think saxophone is beauty incarnate 🎷👸🏻
be sad but still know life is beautiful 😔🥰
fast music that makes you cry 🥁🎹😭
kiss people if you feel like it 💋💋
no pressure to read things fast 📖📚
give, don’t take 🤲🤲
bad at saying bye 😞👋
slip on or velcro shoes only 👟👟
when the flowers die, don’t replace them too soon 💐💐
mornings with friends and strangers ☀️☕️ are better than nights with friends and strangers 🌖🍸
sit in nature and listen a lot 🏞👂
sit in bath and think a lot 🛁💭
❌no sweets except sometimes, rarely❌
think about utopia 🌎👫but…
not too much because life is here 🤷‍♀️🤷
want to eat all berries in nature 😩🍓
write down everything you’ll forget ✍️✍️
then let yourself forget things 🤔💭
❌no movies about war❌
grandma and grandpa inherited drip 👵🧥
talk to all people & learn all the time 🗣
listen to & trust advice from children 🧒👶
set limits for your powerful things🥤💊❣️
only get involved in beautiful things 🎥✍️
be loyal but love everyone/everything ❤️

BEN's Level One is...(11.9.21)

two showers a day🚿 🧼
water your plants when you feel like it but don’t let them die 🌱💀❌
run when you can, stop when you want 🏃‍♀️
words are the ultimate tool 🔨
words are the ultimate toy 🎁
recognizing a sound is prayer 🙏
noticing nature is prayer 🤲
sing in the shower 🧼🧼
keep singing in the towel 🧖‍♀️
learn to really cry but don’t rush to it ⏳😭
love your friends with everything you have, and tell them so 💌 💕
invest in your pants 👖
invest in your ingredients 🧑‍🍳 🥘
image-making is hollow if the crew feels slighted 🤝🎥
remember where you came from but forget the details 🧠🇳🇿
know your luck 🍀
friendships can wax and wane 🧩🌙
love everything you can 💝🗺
if you get the message put the phone down 🤳📴

NOA's Level One is...(11.9.21)

simple pleasures 🪥🦷
care is love 🕯attention is love 👁
every day is creative 🌎🎨
feeling more > feeling good 🪟🪞
reading aloud to yourself and others 📖
forgive everything 🕳
honor your potential🚀respect your limits📈wear your best shoes every day 🩰
it’s okay to be connected 🌐
it’s okay to be alone ♟🪑
acting is honesty💄🥸
attend to all your senses 👀👄👃👂✋🔮
trust your heart and express it… 🐛🦋
but be skeptical of desire 🕸🪰
everything is a point in time… 🌊
and time heals all wounds 🩹
don’t give more than you can 🪣
art practice is for love, for beauty, for fun 🤩
allow and enjoy deliciousness 🍦
people are children 🚸🧸
cruelty hurts everyone🪃
love is contagious 🍄
salvation is everyday (pay attention) 🐚 🕊
god is in everything 🦚 🏪
the days are long, the years are short🧊⏳

ANON's Level One is...(11.9.21)

Inquisitiveness 🤔🤔
Appreciate dumb shit 😬
Kind to strangers 😤
It’s ok to be early 🏎
A Simpson before bed 🛌 🌚
Know the words to the song 🎵
Do favors for friends and not friends 😌💛
One big jacket 🧥 😚🐑
❌do not be sad with friends ❌
Kind to strangers 😤
Drive fast alone and slow w people 🚍☺️
Bad at talking about myself 🦧
Precision 🤏👆👉
Dogs at any time 🐩 🐕 🐕‍🦺
Keeper of Lore 😏
Baile Funk loud in the car🚨
Want to kiss, but probably won’t 🌚 💋
Learn stuff from anything anywhere anyone 😮‍💨😌
Inscrutable style 🥋🤿🦺
give, don’t take 🤲🤲
Endless iteration of jokes 😂 😤
Raw vegetables 🥦🥕
Genuine when necessary 🐘
Picking things back up ⬆️ 😌
Love through actions, expressions and time 🐊

MICHELLE's Level One is...(11.10.21)

always take notes🎶📝
emo🖤⚫️🖤in a genius way🧠
be practical but ❌never❌ boring
fast music☄️slow vibes🔮
a good bass line🎧is better than head🍑
lights off before leaving the house💡
skip meals but don’t skimp on snacks🥦
❌🚩no fake parmesan🚩❌
eat off the floor🥩🐒…
no shame😁scratch your butt👑
messy bedroom🐷pristine kitchen🔪🚰
have compassion🥰🤗even for those who have wronged you🤢
be a good mommy🤰🏻
to yourself🧘🏻and to your loved ones👯‍♂️
hurt people hurt people🗣
learn from your shadows👥
don’t lurk👀unless you can handle the truth☠️
the memories live on🦋but don’t live in them🐌
time helps⏳ but it doesn’t heal🩹
establish rituals🪞baking counts🍰🍪🍯
perpetually struggle😩but prioritize happiness🥲💓💸
you have the key🗝unlock when you are ready..🚪
be powerful enough to kill💀but never do it💂🏼‍♀️❣️
let your phone die🔫
make new friends👅it’s easy🐶
trees are your friends🌳listen to them🦻🏼
every moment is an opportunity to dance👠
the money💰always comes back💫
…so book that flight🚀